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Hzmer Heritage 

Embracing her Middle Eastern and Indian roots, the designer founded Hzmer Jewellery with the goal of establishing a brand that celebrates women. The designer took forward her grandmother’s legacy of diamonds from the 1960’s. Hzmer Jewellery exudes a combination of ancient Indian and Middle Eastern art form with an opulent modern touch. 

Hzmer Heritage 

The Story


Jamna was based in Sind while her fiancé was based in Karachi, in the early 1940s. They survived the violent, India-Pakistan, partition of 1947 and moved to Mumbai. Since Sindh was located in the Pakistani territory of pre-1947 India, it was difficult for Hindu Sindhis to stay there.

Journey Map

Jamna R and her fiancé got married and had 2 children.Her husband passed away nearly 10 years after their marriage. 

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In the early 1960s, a single mother of two, Jamna started designing Ethnic jewellery in Mumbai.

Jamna’s journey as an entrepreneur was full of difficulties due to the sexism she faced as a female entrepreneur, among many other things.


In addition to running her tailoring operations, she grew the small jewellery business by adding designs encompassing precious stones and precious metals. 

Jamna challenged the societal norms once again by introducing her daughter-in-law, Sunita, to the business in the 1990s. By doing this, Jamna established an all woman workforce, which was unheard of in the 90s. ​


Carrying the legacy forward, Jamna and Sunita’s designs have been relaunched with a luxurious modern twist.

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