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Legacy & Craftsmanship

It all began with Jamna, who, after the partition of India and Pakistan, embarked on a journey of self-expression. With her nimble hands, she wove stories into fabrics, adorning herself with ethnic jewelry that spoke of her roots. Hzmer takes up the mantle, forging a legacy that pays homage to Jamna’s indomitable spirit.

Whispering History in Prints

Hzmer Couture is a celebration of masterful block printing. With meticulous precision, skilled craftsmen handcraft prints onto fabrics. Every design, motif, and stroke of the block bears the mark of their devotion to this ancient tradition. These designs come together to create a symphony of visual poetry.

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Sustainable Luxury

The block printing process is a testament to Hzmer’s eco-conscious ethos. It utilizes natural dyes, free from harmful chemicals, creating a tapestry of heritage that's as sustainable as it is beautiful.

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"Rājīya Ālambana Saukhya Vastrāṇi" 

Royal Lounge Wear

Presenting the collection: "Rājīya Ālambana Saukhya Vastrāṇi" - Royal Lounge Wear, the epitome of regal comfort and timeless style. This is loungewear fit for kings and queens from ancient India, where the echoes of a bygone era resonate with modern sensibilities.

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