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Vintage designs reimagined 

The Artisan of Empowerment since 1962

The POWERFUL Movement

The POWERFUL collection pays a tribute to the rebellion of the 1990’s.


Jamna started her small business in 1960's and grew it by introducing Sunita to the designs 90's, whilst establishing an all women workforce that went against all societal norms in India.

Their heavy weighted jewellery designs have been reimagined as pieces that exemplify everyday luxury. 


Various roles of a woman are showcased in the form of emeralds, diamonds and rubies sitting on 18k Gold. 

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The Metaphysical Collection

While growing up, Sunita had always been a girl who wanted to understand the physics and rare mysteries of the universe.


She always felt that the pretty night skies whispered mystic poetries and hymned beautiful melodies.


This collection is a celebration of her vivid childhood metaphysical fantasies. 

The BOLD Legacy

This collection celebrates the bold move taken by Jamna in Mumbai during the 1960s. 

Showcasing her artwork in the form of sterling silver jewellery, she established herself as an ethnic jewellery designer. The BOLD collection showcases a combination of her work with modern elements. 

This collection encompasses sterling Silver, semi precious stones and pearls in 18k Gold Vermeil. The Bold collection embodies empowerment and strength.

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Sustainable Steps 

Offsetting Carbon Emissions 

Hzmer Jewellery has an eco-friendly and sustainable approach to luxury. We contribute towards preventing 5 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. 

With the help of Gold Standard, this year we have contributed towards a Wind Power Project in Madhya Pradesh, India.

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